Simple Screen Saver

This is a simple screen saver application. You need the scrnsave library to run it.
Both MinGW (Dev-Cpp, Code::Blocks) and Visual C++ has this library, but I have not found the lib for other compilers.
The screen saver will scroll the screen. It does not provide a setup dialog.

Advanced Screen Saver

This screen saver does the same as the above, but it has a setup dialog box, in which the scrolling speed can be specified.
The source includes a couple of headers and a .rc file that need to be linked to the .cpp file.
Makefiles for MinGW and Visual C++ is included, as are project files for Code::Blocks and Microsoft Visual C++. Notice that if you run the program from the IDE's you get the setup dialog box, you need to run the .scr file directly to test the screen saver.
It should be possible to build the program from Dev-Cpp, but I did not manage to create a project.