This is a list of programs that I find indispensable, they are of general use, but might reflect the fact that I am a programmer.

First a file manager: Total Commander. I have used it since I started to use windows, before that I ued Norton Commander on DOS. Total Commander is the reason why I have never learned to use Windows Explorer. These pages are uploaded with Total Commander. Once upon a time it was called Windows Commander.

One does also need a internet browser: Firefox. Once you have tryed it you can't do without. The more recent versions has been very stable, so no need to use "the other browser" any more.

You also need a mail program, again turn to Mozilla: Thunderbird. I have used it since the days of Netscape, and is one of the reasons why I have newer got a virus through an email.

You also need an office suite, why buy Microsoft Office if you can get one that is as good and is free? You can, it is called Open Office. It reads and writes Microsoft office formatted documents without problems.

These days you also need a anti virus program, the last years I have used AVG. It's does what it is supposed to without problems.

A reliable firewall is a must if you have access to the internet. My choice is ZoneAlarm. It works almost without problems, and is free if you remember to push the right buttons during installation.

Audacity is a good choice ff you need to edit audio files

Burn4Free is a good program for writing CD-ROMs

I am using EasyPHP to develop these pages, it seems to do the job just fine.

Inno Setup is a good free Installer for windows, its the one I use for Wain.

And you need a good genneral purpose text editor: Wain