JDraw is a windows application which can read, show and write jpeg and bmp images, and do simple operations such as resize and crop.
The zip-file contains the sourcecode for a jpeg library from The Independent JPEG Group
The application can be build with Borland C++, Microsoft VC++, MinGW and Digital Mars compilers, the zip file contains makefiles for these. The zip file also contains project files for Borland C Builder, Microsoft Visual C++ and Dev-Cpp.
Read the 1st.txt file in the zip-file for futher information.

Simple Bitmap Viewer

A small program which shows how to load and display a bitmap in a Window, using the Win32Api. It will try to load a file called sample.bmp from the folder in which the program is running, so you have to provide one.
Should compile with any windows compiler.

Advanced Bitmap Viewer

A bitmap image viewer with zoom and scrolling. The user can select which file to view from the menu. This is a zip-file, as the application is build from two .c files and a .rc file.
The zip-file also contains makefiles for Borland, Digital Mars, LCC, VisualC++ and GCC compileres, and project files for Visual C++, Borland Builder and Dev-Cpp.