Shows how to list all files in a directory and all its subdirectorys.
The user can specify one or more extensions to match, eg. .c, wildcards are not supported
The functions used are opendir()/readdir()/closedir() as used on Unix/Linux, gcc compilers and Borland on windows should be able to compile it.


A advanced dir for windows. It scans the current directory and optionally sub-directories, for files matching a pattern, wildcards are supported.
It will display the access, write and modify time for each file found.
It will use findfirst() and findnext() to scan, so you will probably need Borland C++ or Microsoft Visual C++ to compile it.
strftime() is used to format the file times, the user can thus specify how to format of the files times.


A simple program which monitores a folder for new or removed files.
Should compile with any C++ compiler on windows.