P2P-Chat is a Windows application which enables two user to send text messages to each other. The application creates a socket and sends the messages on this socket. Makefiles for Borland, Microsoft, GCC (e.g. mingw and cygwin) and Digital Mars compilers are included.

Web Browser Control

This is a component that can be used to browse the internet and show html code and documents.
I must admit that I have stolen the main part of the code from:
The zip file contains the source code, and project files for Dev-Cpp, Borland Builder, and VC++ 6.0, and makefiles for MinGW C++ and Borland C++.
It will build a simple web-browser test application.

Read HTTP in C++ on Windows

This very simple console program shows how to read an internet page in C++, using the standard windows functions.
The page will be written to the console

FTP Classes

This is some classes which can be use to do FTP operations, such as get, put, read and write files.
You have to link to winint.lib, or libwininet.a for gcc compilers. It should compile and run with any C++ compiler on windows which has this libary.

FTP Classes with Exceptions

This code does the same as the above, but it uses exceptions.